Tuesday, July 16, 2013

~Uncover your Future~

While He was away …
Reality hits that He has gone with no return 
Loneness had fallen 
A curtain of dark shadow placed inside
The urging question continued to knock 
Repetitively asking the daring question 
This lonesome is it a journey? 
Or perhaps a short stop than one has to take
Aches, denial, refusal of this feeling 
On whatever emotion that had taken place
You wonder if you can allow yourself to just cry 
Letting out a burning cry that was meant to erupt 
Yet, pride stands on the way 
Telling you that you are a strong woman
A rock that had fallen from a mountain 
When a rock falls, no one hears its cry 
What had stayed inside is a story remained untold 
The pain suppressed, your rock is really a fragile glass 
Cracking little by little if it continues to be unresolved 
Face it Ms rock, let go.. let your tears out
Once you were a part of mountain, now you are the charisma of a rock
Loneness can be a statement, yet it’s not a forever status
You will learn to mingle with the wind,
Once you have dared, now you will feel and touch the rain 
Not only that you will discover new unexpected journeys 
You will allow yourself to freely travel with wadies 
A travel that you would never think can take place
This will occur little by little ..
All will happen in its due time 
It will only be in your hands to take the undiscovered journeys
Allow yourself to not fear it, rejoice the unknown
The undiscovered will be a new opened door 
Welcome to the future with an open embrace 

Copyright August 2013, Nasra Al Adawi

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Blogger goatman said...

Yes, mingle with the wind and cry; allow the sand to grow new life and new hope.

Your poems will bring you through.
I wish you happiness.

12:12 PM  

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