Friday, May 18, 2007

~A Woman She is~

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Anousheh Ansari
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So what is happening in Oman, we are going to have Conference on Woman in Business on 2nd of June 2007, for more info please visit . Great business women speakers in this conference and among them three Omani women: Aisha A. Al-Kharusi who is Deputy Dir. of Strategic Analysis working for Boeing International ME., Malak Ahmed Al-Shaibani who is GM-Corporate Affairs working for Sohar-Aluminium and Fathiya Nasser Al-Farsi who is an IT Director working for Omantel. On my wish list is to meet Farhana Huq who is Founder and CEO of C.E.O Women.

This is the poem that I wrote based on this event :

~A Woman She is~

So he asked who she is
She stood there inhaling
What must be?
A moment of truth
Then she plunged with deep breath thinking
“Who am I?”
The words repeated to her in a self form
Lightening of thoughts by passed her,
Then ancient scripture appeared in bold
She ended her pause
To answer back in an only way she knows
In a women affirmation voice
Standing against gravity of earth
And boldly said:
I’m all woman
A woman
Ancient in Hieroglyphic Transcripts
A Cleopatra underlined in history
I am a Cleopatra
In a mountain stand
Creating a history of today
With my hands that dig the path of tomorrow
Learning through my weakness to engrave this path
I’m a female scribbled with many emotions,
I’m intelligence sculptured in curves,
A statement of womenhood
I’m not here to stand in man’s shoes
Here is the fountain that bears all nations
Yes there times where I get trapped in claws of lion,
But I’m woman who knows no defeat
For there is no ground to fall, as I chooses to stand
Despite my trembling knees
I conquer my fate
A woman who creates her own destiny

Copyright 2007 Nasra Al Adawi


Sunday, May 13, 2007

~Eternal Path~

Once upon a time
When all declared to make a day
A special day
Titled A mother's Day
Brought in with immense appreciation
Towards a mother's love
How can a day be enough?
Prose and poetry won't explain
As wrapped in my womanly spirit
Standing with nothing but a soul of a mother


A spring is not just a water ripple
Its a wrapping of countless water drops
Uniting what the eyes can see: A Spring
Being a mother
Does not begin on sprouting seed
Is a spring that gives birth to a river
Underwater oozing to life
A lifetime temperament
Through laughter and pain


Through climbs and falls
Motherhood is eternal path
So here we are
Those who were before us
Those who mothered us
Then alighted us as seeds
Subsequently as mothers
As we fill our child's pages


Then on our after life ride
Sheltering our child from above
And no matter how grown our child can be We remain an endless mother

Copyright 2007 Nasra Al Adawi

It was such challeneg to write the above poem ~ it enlighted me with the thought our mother's their role are eternal path ~

Each photo was taken by different photographer from if you like any photo please click the photo and able to see the pjotto comment directly to the photographer....
Photo 1 By Sam Strickland
Photo 2 By BoazImages
Photo 3 By dristis-mudra
Photo 4 by Bob Griffin
Photo 5 By AlexMoi
Photo 6 By Michael Foley
Photo 7 By phitar

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Birth

A sprout want to find away to live
In utterance reaching out life
Life breaks through dark soil
In fragile bud pushing its way to life
Learning how to seek light
Piercing through darkness
Blossoming out of a tiny seed
Hesitant trunk grasping to stand
But it just can’t push against time
There will be a time
When it will outgrow its fragile form
Standing affirm among plants of earth
The growth is gradual
No one can leap curves of life
A journey that has to be lived
Within its destined time
Once was a sprout
Now journeyed, sprouting to earth
To reach out light
In dignified stand on a floor of earth
Living the intimacy of life

Copyright 2007 Nasra Al Adawi

Many thanks to DaveWard posted in

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

~ Daughter of Oman ~

Village Children
Originally uploaded by JP London.

I met her fairly recent
On a sisterhood web site
The morsels she shares
Are enjoyed with great delight

She is still young in age
But wise beyond the years
Her calling is to help others
And wipe away many tears

Nasra tells many stories
As she travels along her way
Seeking aid for the sick ones
In all she has to say

Daughter of Oman
I want all to see
You have touched my heart
Dear sister to me

I am proud to call you sister
It is wonderful to hear your voice
And although we have never met
We became sisters by choice.

©Maggie Lee Scott

Here the poem I would like to treasure for life and frame it in my heart a poem I received unexpectedly by Maggie Lee Scott she has a blog Southern Women With Backbones ( ). Maggie writes gentle peotry that touches your heart so gently.

Dear Maggie
This poem made me feel content about all and what is happening in my life. I dreamt of winning a Nobel prize and this is it. The cheer pride and being overwhelmed, thank you for bringing me and seeing a person not so much while Im running around in life, I guess you tend to forget to appreciate the person who is inside, the one stands deeper than the layers of your skin. Your poem made my soul blush and I’m touched deeply…

As for the photo in here it is by JP London from of Omani Children who are wearing traditional clothes. Our Omani Traditional clothes are very colorful. JP I appreciate this Photo…

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