Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Waiting …Time for Iftar

Now, my blogging begins
On how long that I have not written
Writing seems to be a huge treat
A luxury treats that I cannot receive everyday
As I’m here, its pure indulgence
Purely tasting the delight
As you read my thoughts…
Pray for me my new journey
Can be a simple as the one I just walked through

(A brushing thoughts from Nasra Al Adawi, As she is on anticipation for her first baby arrival)

…Let me take this time to wish you, Ramadhan Kareem…May this month be a delight …

The photo is from my Favorite Omani Photographer Ahmed AlShukaili. Pls click to view his other work from Oman

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Poetic Mood

Don't Let Me Go
Originally uploaded by Araleya

How could I forget?

That you are the one who saw my light

Encircled my shadows, subtracting the dark

Thoughts that I never thought of

Words that I never knew I had

Away from my physique

An existence had been created

Sensuality to live in

Oh, How I love this emotion

Just to be in a poetic mood

“Have you ever noticed the feeling that comes when you are inspired to write? An advice, don’t let go of it...”

Nasra Al Adawi

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