Thursday, January 20, 2005

Stabbing Rose

It was from a fragrance
Allured to unknown aroma
I knew it was my destiny to reach it
Crossed the distance
Walking so blindly
The scent paved a way for me
I took a first glance
I knew my search has come to an end
Glossy petals
In color of the fire
The closer I get
Its scent becomes stronger
My heart can not resist any longer
Daring myself in taking the first touch
It swayed so lazily
Like it could hear the rhythm of the wind
I’m sipping the passion through all my senses
In its silence, I receive its invitation
To explore and unleash the mystery
As I put my hand over its body
Like needle piercing through my flesh
I never noticed the thorns
Acute stab to my heart
Hidden intentions speaks in a silent language

© 2005, iamnasra


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