Monday, January 24, 2005

Still it is not enough

Many years I surrendered my soul
I was left to drown in emptiness hole
It did not matter if I had a scar for life
Or to be demented in grief
Everything for the sake of sacrificing for love
Still it is was not enough?
To what length I should give for love
I’m left dead giving for love all I had
My last drop of tears had dried
Crying into pain that you had put me through
Still it is not enough
You wanted more out of me
This final gasping air of mine
I’m granting it to you
Regaining your life instead of me
Still it is not enough
The final drip of my blood
I’m giving it to you
For you I’m ready to be drained out of life
Still it is not enough
How much more to prove my love for you???