Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Rise

I lived this life

In every passing days

I became a written history out of my past

It's merely written down among the pages of my heart

Some are like a flying dust-it will erase with time

My heart is not all gleaming wells

Its pumping all the emotions inside

I keep continuing taking a walk on this temporarily life

Facing the uncertain tides

Springing out the waves of days

Yet I can not help it being smudged in a pit of dirt

As falling into scornful hands

I'm heartbroken but I rise beyond the twisted lies

My spirit can not be weakened with merely teardrops

Can not beset with my cries

Bitter I am but sadness can not take away my charm

I set my eyes high

I'm determine to rise even after tedious fall

© 2005. nasra al adawi


Blogger Kazablanka said...

mashallah! amazing poetry! you have talent girl! oh and please add a shout box! thanks =)

10:01 PM  
Blogger Najah said...

wonderful poem Nas..

9:35 AM  

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