Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I’m Burning

It was battle
Just to stand in front of the mirror
To gaze into the truth
To let this truth be my guide
I stare into them
My eyes are burning with waiting tears
My hands were reaching
Trying to touch its soul
My soul was on the journey of worship
Sadly it was on a wrong direction
Worshiping life instead of its Creator
Is this the freedom that it wanted to seek?
I searched in my soul for answers
I was burning with anger
Knowing my soul took a complicate journey
Breached the guidance of God
Running after illusions of life
My soul was floating in a very dark tunnel
The glow that it used to be in
It had ceased
When did it reach this stage?
I myself could not tell
My heart was decaying in misery
I gazed into my conscious it was running carefree
Its inner voice had no meaning
It did not wish to speak
Claiming into silence
When did my conscious become so humble?
I was burning in dismay
What made me think that running after life is the ultimate success?
I over tinted the truth to suit my desires
I let my inner devil take over me
Shredded my true self in return
As I stare on whom I have become
I do not like the person that I’m gazing into