Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Cleanse

I keep many words in me

Some feelings are hard to reveal

Yet I wish I am a transparent face

So the truthful of who I am can be read on a first glimpse

I store many tears in me

These tears are not on the edge of my eyes

Carved so deep in me

Some pain are better off untold

Though, it's not a cavalry on my side

I believe that justice will come from God

His Mercy will not let wrong be wrong forever

The heaven fairness will rule on its own set time

Maybe or maybe not I will witness the fall

All I need now to cleanse my heart

I'm tired of having grudges inside

I want my soul to live the rest of its days so pure

Uncontaminated from hate and lies

Can I stand inhaling only fresh air of life?

Sadly, I can not sieve the air

Yet its not a reason to surrender

© 2005. nasra al adawi


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