Sunday, February 27, 2005

It Can Be Poetry

It Can Be Poetry

It can be a song of a soul
A cooling breath to touch the wound
It can be the tears lingering in a voice
Not all the tears are the tears of the eyes
It can be a soft whisper of the heart
Rising from its sadness trance
Bravely voicing its within
Breaking the silence that it was in
It can be laughter of a soul
Freeing the child that was held inside
Playing to its heart content
All innocents, yet living beyond restriction lines
Its can be just poetry
Poetry that fills the air

2005, nasra al adawi

Her Simple Voice Beyond Poetry

Beauty of life at times it presents unexpected gifts....

Now I come to think of it...Al Hamdullah,, I am not saying that I met all my goals, sometime my goals alter during the course of the journey...You make a plan but some time God has greater plan for you...So at times you need to allow your self to mold your plans with it....

At one time in my life I had a dream that I would be standing and reading poetry on stage for 30 mints but God had a greater plan for me...which I never thought of it even it did not cross my mind...but it did happen I became a poet...Subhanallah He gave a gift beyond my expectations..

Anyway to conclude sometime you try your best to reach your goal...sometime you have a goal but God gives you another things instaed...So you dream changes...that all comes with a price mind you...fustration and dissapointment but at certain point you get to see the picture clearly ........

For me Im trying to learn how to slow down and try to live the day as it comes....The beauty of life is the unexpected gifts of God along the journey of living

Monday, February 21, 2005

What Does it Mean to Dream?

What does it mean to dream?

Is it gazing on the horizon?

Finding yourself going beyond those lines

Reaching beyond realistic destinations

Keeping no limitations of who you are

As your soul had been let to travel afar

Like a butterfly

Flying free without strings

Making their own path even in unknown fields

Its not afraid of anything

It does not hide from its true self

Gilding and blending in the serenity of nature

Dreams allow you to be all that

You just become a butterfly

Just flying any where you wish to fly

© 2005, Nasra Al Adawi

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Rise

I lived this life

In every passing days

I became a written history out of my past

It's merely written down among the pages of my heart

Some are like a flying dust-it will erase with time

My heart is not all gleaming wells

Its pumping all the emotions inside

I keep continuing taking a walk on this temporarily life

Facing the uncertain tides

Springing out the waves of days

Yet I can not help it being smudged in a pit of dirt

As falling into scornful hands

I'm heartbroken but I rise beyond the twisted lies

My spirit can not be weakened with merely teardrops

Can not beset with my cries

Bitter I am but sadness can not take away my charm

I set my eyes high

I'm determine to rise even after tedious fall

© 2005. nasra al adawi

Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Platform

I feel I’m dying but I keep being alive
My blood circulates into my veins
My heart is on rhythmic beats
Somehow my soul decaying while I’m being alive
The time is ticking on me
The aging signs are beyond the meet of the eyes
Somehow it strikes my soul
Bleeding to death without traces of blood
I feel like screaming but I remain in my solitude silence
Allowing this soul to embrace more pain
I’m watching it falling in weakness
Whining as it stumbles
On platform of dying
Whispering against unbearable pain as it takes the final breath of life
2005, Nasra Al Adawi

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Passion of Mother Nature

Out of deep darkness
Leaping light into the earthly sky
Ereases the surrounding darkness
Feeling the love that Mother Nature touch
As the sunshine brings a rebirth of hope
All this happens in a peaceful silence
The earth is smiling welcoming the new day
The nature rejoices this arrival
We all apear from our hidden earthly nest
Awaking from the rhythm of nature
Feeling the bliss of a new day

copyright 2005, nasra al adawi

Monday, February 14, 2005

A Flower in it's Snares

A withering flower in its snares
..Dry soil
Roots are searching for a drop of water
Towards the sky, leafs are pleading for rain
Only left to face the burning sun
Its rays are resolute to attack
The beauty of its petals
Crunching in dryness
Graceful height looks weakened
The final energies depart
Its lifelessness remains
To Some its untoiced
To some new beauty appears
Giving life an eternity

2003 - nasra al adawi

Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Cleanse

I keep many words in me

Some feelings are hard to reveal

Yet I wish I am a transparent face

So the truthful of who I am can be read on a first glimpse

I store many tears in me

These tears are not on the edge of my eyes

Carved so deep in me

Some pain are better off untold

Though, it's not a cavalry on my side

I believe that justice will come from God

His Mercy will not let wrong be wrong forever

The heaven fairness will rule on its own set time

Maybe or maybe not I will witness the fall

All I need now to cleanse my heart

I'm tired of having grudges inside

I want my soul to live the rest of its days so pure

Uncontaminated from hate and lies

Can I stand inhaling only fresh air of life?

Sadly, I can not sieve the air

Yet its not a reason to surrender

© 2005. nasra al adawi

The Circle of Growing

In my admiration of butterflies

Yet envious finding them dancing in air

Nonetheless I use to fear the earthly sky

It looked to me so wide and vast

Yet I wanted to join their world

I wanted to grow into a butterfly

Soaring the unlimited sky

As I became one

It's not so scary- not the way it use to seem

Somehow the touch of freedom seems to glide in me

In anticipation though smiling through the new journey

Breathing in the changes that happened to me

It's all in the circle of growing

©2005, nasra al adawi

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I’m Burning

It was battle
Just to stand in front of the mirror
To gaze into the truth
To let this truth be my guide
I stare into them
My eyes are burning with waiting tears
My hands were reaching
Trying to touch its soul
My soul was on the journey of worship
Sadly it was on a wrong direction
Worshiping life instead of its Creator
Is this the freedom that it wanted to seek?
I searched in my soul for answers
I was burning with anger
Knowing my soul took a complicate journey
Breached the guidance of God
Running after illusions of life
My soul was floating in a very dark tunnel
The glow that it used to be in
It had ceased
When did it reach this stage?
I myself could not tell
My heart was decaying in misery
I gazed into my conscious it was running carefree
Its inner voice had no meaning
It did not wish to speak
Claiming into silence
When did my conscious become so humble?
I was burning in dismay
What made me think that running after life is the ultimate success?
I over tinted the truth to suit my desires
I let my inner devil take over me
Shredded my true self in return
As I stare on whom I have become
I do not like the person that I’m gazing into