Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Self Journey

Forest is wide
I’m lost within myself
Many trees are alike
2005, nasra al adawi

Some times we get confused in our life. We try to find the purpose of who we are, and we try to look deeper inside our soul. We stare into a vast journey, and yes at times the answers are not clear. We wish to get a helping hand while struggling to maintain a float. We find ourselves on the edge of not knowing who we are..
Talking and praying to God, writing, get a an innocent hug from a child, a swim in the sea or walk on the beach..
Yes these can be a therapy
We all need at once upon our life some type of therapy to our soul..
If you feel that way, do not deny yourself..
Do not let your soul drown, at times it pulls you deep under


Confusion is a phase
Where uncertainty gleams
I often belong in the claws of fate
Many decisions are not mine to make
Allowing time to take it’s feast out of me
As choices may swirl against my face
I just want to be a drifter of time
Retiring from my duties of life
As fate snatches the choices to live
I stand here with an effortless browse
This soul starts to numb, all consider me dead
2005, nasra al adawi
http://www.visionsofheaven.com/articles_docs/ARmasks.html (different point view on self healing, just for reading)


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