Friday, July 29, 2005

Strayed Voice

A Voice in the Wilderness is blog where it brings out main issue related to humen suffering. In one issue it covered photos of children with Starvation in Africa.

It reminded me how ungrateful I am being so particular on what I eat and at times we even trash left over of food. They are children dying with starvation. Its not the case one country helping another country, its about every single person trying to help someone else..Every one of us have to do their bits in this life.. At times reaching out it can begin even with a smile to our fellow human-being...

Oh! God
God, hear me pray
A powerless human being
Strayed voice deserted in silence
I never wanted this pain
Facing ugly plight

Oh God
God, give me strength
Cause I’m…
Cause I’m too…
Cause I’m too weak to save her
Part of me…
Part of me is dying
My child
My child is leaving me
Droplets of my tears to keep her alive
No voice to nourish her will for survival
Save her!
I beg …
I beg of drop of water
The land is dry
We all on a verge to die

Let me hold her
“Your mother is here”
“My precious child, can you hear me”
Le me secure her in my arms
Oh …
My ...
My innocent …
My innocent child, like a twig of tree in my arms
What can I do, my baby is suffering?

Starvation does not choose
Mothers with their cry for their dead children

copyright 2005, nasra al adawi

Saturday, July 23, 2005

To Remember You

Full moon tonight
I want to remember it, through your eyes
Inspirable night
Arising my inner tide
I want to erase any droplet of pain
Allowing only happy memories to remain
I want to remember you in kind
Just to know that you touched my soul, it’s an endless gain
Carrying this memory in my after life ride
I want to remember you with nothing else, except with love

copyright 2005, nasra al adawi

Sometime we let go of those might be a friend or even part of family in spare of anger or hurt. Should we go through hard choices? Let us not revolve on the point that they had hurt us.. Let us give a room for forgiveness. If it’s hard to forgive then remember them at least with good memory.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I could see so clearly

I would like to introduce Undiscovered Poet
In his blog he wrote a poem that cought my attention so much

Focus on what lies ahead
as you wander afoot.
The horizon may look bright
and sparkle in the distance.
Many things might catchyour keen eye,
but lo!
sometimes what is most important
lies directly in front of you.

I hope he would not remain undiscovered, as his poetry has so much to tell. You can read about him in ~ L I P ~
With his teaching on focusing ahead, I find myslef seeing things so clearly

I Could See So Clearly
On a dead end
All tears and pain
No way out
All doors are closed
No gleaming hope
Seems the sea, so vast without a shore
I could see so clearly now
A new horizon
After every smile there are tears
After every pain there is relief
Life is a miracle by itself
The unforeseen trials
I’m here living it all
copyright 2005, nasra al adawi
Dhahiri Naweza Ona

Mwisho usojulikana
Yote ni machozi na maumivu
Njia ya kutokea hakuna
Milango yote imefungwa
Hakuna mng , aro wa matumaini
Yaelekea bahari kubwa mno iso ufuko
Sasa dhahiri naweza ona

Fikira mpya
Kila baada ya tabasamu kuna machozi
Kila baada ya maumivu kuna faraja
Maisha ni shani
Majaribu yasiooneka
Niko hapa
Yote kiyaishi.
(Swahili Translation)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Cancer Episodes

After numerous tests the doctor broke the news
Labelled a patient with breast cancer
I felt alone-all I can do is release my tears
The little lump started to grow
An alien rooted in me-my chance of survival is low
They will take my breast-they need to go that far
Left in emptiness-once was…now just a scar
Feeling all numb, its hard to undo the pain
Yet-I could not imagine if I had not taken these steps
I would have missed chances- fading in regrets
It was another chance for the life that was given to me

So You are the famous Cancer…
You came in without invitation
Invaded my life without my permission
All this time your were invisible from my sight
Now you have declared your existence-giving me a fright
Expecting me to fall……
Without even fighting or having any role
Changed the process of my life in a storm
I cannot let you take over my body-my home
I just can not live in fear……
You fill me with pain that I can not steer
So much pain to endure…..
I will prevail beyond any strike- never falter
I'm a survivor

I’m not going to be drawn into grievance
It is enough being a melting Ice
So it is time to break the silence
Break the Ice

I was once bitter and furious
Lived in denial-felt victimized with illness
I knew I needed to fight to overcome the trials
In every hour-every minute has so much worthiness
Rising from a fall is not easy, but gradually I learn to have endurance
Being a survivor-embracing life with gladness

When you take my hands,
When you are there standing by me
I can do it all

When my tears fall
As this soul of mine can not stop its scream
And life seems an everlasting nightmare
I find you there, turning everything into a dream
I'm sure - I can do it all

You taught me that to fall is but a step along the way
Falling, is not the end of the world
Now I take the challenges
With all your teaching - I can do it all

على حـافة السقوط
تنهمر دموع الحياة
وها قلبي على وشك السباق
بين خطوة وأخرى تردد وارتباك
في هذا الدرب المظلم
قوة تدفعني للأمام
لتعبر خطواتي اليوم والغد
فقد حان للغيم أن يتبدد
لا صراع بعد اليوم
بين زمام المجازفة
وتصميم الارادة
انه الدافع للحياة

تعلمتُ الصمود في وجهِ العثرات
أتحسسُ طريقي ماض في ظلمة
أسيرُ حتى يبددُ النورُ السواد
أمضي وقلبيَ المكلوم
سقوطٌ ولا استسلام
أقفُ هاهنا مصغ لدويّ الألم
وإلى النهاية
في وجه تيار المطر

آثارٌ مهملة فوق ذرات الرمال
أزالت الريح ما كان يوماً أثراُ
وهذا الداء يمحو آثار حياتنا
رباه إنا على وهنٍ نستند
رباه امنحنا القوة
أرشد أرواحنا إلى درب الشفاء

عندما لا تقوى روحي على كبتِ صرختها
وتبدو الحياةُ ككابوسٍ أبديّ
أراكَ أمامي،
تحيلُ الكونَ إلى حلمٍ ورديّ
صدقني..سأقهرُ المستحيل

يا من علمتني أن السقوطَ مرحلةٌ
لا آخرَ المطاف
ها أنا أطارحُ التحديات
يسندني حديثك،
فأقهرُ المستحيل
Translated by Translation Group in Sultan Qaboos University
From the Book Within Myself: the Willpoer To Live Beyond Cancer
By Nasra Al Adawi

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Forgotten Earthly Sounds

Gulnaz presents us with very important question in her blog"Why do you have to hurry" the question springs out as part of poetic story. This question repeats it self in my mind and I see a young lady who forgets to enjoy simple things in life. She infects herself with an illness called hurry disease.

Forgotten Earthly Sounds

The hurriedness runs in her blood
Overflowing river breaking free in a flood
When should she take the time to breathe?
Allowing her heart to beat in ease
When will she stop racing with time?
In rush is always the story of her life
Her world is revolved to walk on a brisk
Unease mind, living on the edge of risk
Will she ever breathe the freshness of this earth?
Would the singing with wind- be just unbelievable myth?
She had forgotten what does it mean to slow down?
Does not know the taste of pacing- lazily with earthly sounds!!!

Copyright 2005 nasra al adawi

This question brings about a very important issue in our lives. Modren life does infect us with certain habits for instance we are on rush or on the move all the time.
I have to end with one thought "Is it worth all this rush??"

Thank you Gulnaz to highlight this issue ......

To read more about Gulnaz please visit L I P in an exclusive interview.

Friday, July 08, 2005

A Stray Heart

Well I had great time working with Hopeless Poet, When ever I chat with him I get inspired to write a poem. A part from the poem here, here is couple more of my poetry inspired by him Angelic flower
Sinking with Secrets .
He finally agreed to be interviewed by me, and I’m happy that I was able to put it together in my blog~ L I P ~

:Special thanks to Hopeless Poet:

A Stray Heart

I heard the flowers whispering
Gently withering
Releasing a secret meant only for me
Softly reciting your name
I hear it with the singing of the breeze
The truth affirmed with the dancing of the trees
My heart was trembling beyond the sage
And if the sky was not a transparent page
I would have seen the declaration clearly written over the sky
How was I blinded from the truth and my heart stood so shy?
I was just few steps away
Living a world of my own but my heart is a stray
I was too blind for your love meant to be mine
Too late, in my own chaos I’m lagging behind

Copyright 2005, nasra al adawi

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Seen Your Star

This poem was inspired by ~ elkenarra ~
In fact Im so amazed during this year I have read many poetry blogs, each of these blogs had touched me so deeply and I hope my blog ~ L I P ~
will be able to do a bit of justice to their amazing poetic talent

I have seen your star
Twinkling towards me so far
Just wished that I could be so near
So my soul can be close and hear
All your poetic whispers
And I will be among the first listeners
Amazed by all the wonders
For I got to realize, you brings me tears and laughter
Upon these tangling emotions, nothing else I’m after

Copyright 2005 nasra al adawi

Monday, July 04, 2005

A Fading Story

Here is an old poem of mine, wanted to share it over here
I somehow like this poem I do not know why

I don’t want to fade away
Like being a piece of story
It may be true or fake
Imagination that it may be only an inner illusion
Yet you can not help it but to cry
Feeling the blues inside
As time passes by
Little by little the remembrance fades away
Only it feels that once it was a very touching story
Still the mind could not retain it forever

©2004 Nasra Al Adawi

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Brave Soul

Now the time has come for me
To let the truth out
Beginning with self confession
For this soul of mine want to utter the truth
Only a brave soul can take this step
To come upfront and admit its faults
I�m only at foe with myself
Here is the moment of truce
On my final journey in finding peace
I surrender my dagger for my search is over now
The kingdom was not a lost city
It was lost soul- my soul
The mockery of time kept watching me staggering into my own chaos
Sizzling into anger and unbearable confusion
Scorching into my lost
How easy to heed to the silence of temptation
Many hearts will add music of villainous
Scoping me away from the righteous path
Temptation is addiction of oneself
Shows love but hides a dark side
True I have been thrown into a dilemma
Yet many helpful hearts refused to let me sink
They reached out of me, snatching me from drowning
When only I wanted to be forgotten
Like a lost city in our logical mind it does not exist
I waned to be a legendary remaining a tale of once upon a time
My heart was aging entering into its fatality
It was by my own hands shredding my life
The resistance of this soul was true fighter,
Dipping me out from ruins of death
Gasping to take a breath of life
Inhaling insanity into my mind
I finally woken up from fatal trance
An empowered soul ready to shield from any living turmoil
Only a brave soul can take this step