Tuesday, January 25, 2005

You are a Secret

I see there is a glow on your face
I wish you could sprinkle it to me
Taking away the loneliness and misery
To guide my heart in your radiance
I see your smile so filled with contentment
So carefree in its journey
Everything in your journey has a meaning
Never seen a soul so humble like yours
I wish I could learn your secret
I see you not waiting for success
It’s granted to you
Your soul floats into freedom
I never seen it with anyone else before
There is another face of you
Yet you are so frighten to show
You are a burning candle
I wish to respire into your flame
Your eye holds so many sad tears
The man in you cannot set it free
My soul worship your strength
I wish to covet into your surrounding
You take life with easiness no matter how complicate it is
I wish you could allow me to love you
I just can not help loving the man you are

Monday, January 24, 2005

Still it is not enough

Many years I surrendered my soul
I was left to drown in emptiness hole
It did not matter if I had a scar for life
Or to be demented in grief
Everything for the sake of sacrificing for love
Still it is was not enough?
To what length I should give for love
I’m left dead giving for love all I had
My last drop of tears had dried
Crying into pain that you had put me through
Still it is not enough
You wanted more out of me
This final gasping air of mine
I’m granting it to you
Regaining your life instead of me
Still it is not enough
The final drip of my blood
I’m giving it to you
For you I’m ready to be drained out of life
Still it is not enough
How much more to prove my love for you???

Friday, January 21, 2005


I took this page
I will keep it empty
Let the incidents of time
For herewith to script its tale
To where me and you would sail in life
This page is pure white as our history has just begun
It’s for you to know that there are no past pages between us
Yet there are many pages for our future awaiting for us
Only you and me can color these pages in many colors
It is upon us to select these colors
Whether bright or bloom
The choice is ours

©2005, nasra al adawi

Thursday, January 20, 2005

So more haiku

Beyond the flowers
Tangling into fragrant leaf
The scent of basil

©2005, nasra al adawi


Let my weary scalp
To quench on rosewater
A headache relief

©2005, nasra al adawi


Rose petals falls
Even on its final decay
It only falls jointly

©2005, nasra al adawi

I linger my touch
Feeling the rose texture
Subtle petals

©2005, nasra al adawi
Enchanting the days
So enriched with your love
I am all fulfilled

©2005, nasra al adawi

Stabbing Rose

It was from a fragrance
Allured to unknown aroma
I knew it was my destiny to reach it
Crossed the distance
Walking so blindly
The scent paved a way for me
I took a first glance
I knew my search has come to an end
Glossy petals
In color of the fire
The closer I get
Its scent becomes stronger
My heart can not resist any longer
Daring myself in taking the first touch
It swayed so lazily
Like it could hear the rhythm of the wind
I’m sipping the passion through all my senses
In its silence, I receive its invitation
To explore and unleash the mystery
As I put my hand over its body
Like needle piercing through my flesh
I never noticed the thorns
Acute stab to my heart
Hidden intentions speaks in a silent language

© 2005, iamnasra

Monday, January 17, 2005

our own created chaos

Let me believe
Still there is goodness in us
Its not just illusion of who we want to be
Many things happens
Out of them, some doesn’t make any sense at all
Like we are lost in what can be reality
Or what we can define a theme of illusionary
We keep spinning on the same point
Screaming to be let out of the dark
Yet the door of escape it’s just ahead of us
We keep accumulating dreams but to afraid to reach them
Stating one can only dream while being asleep
We no longer cherish those dreams
It use to be a simple dream that will send us sparkling with delight
Funny: We label ourselves human but operating purely in mechanism
No space to trust our feelings
Even there is no time to love ourselves
What about loving someone else???
Even we smile out of obligation or being part of etiquette
The smile and laughter has no true feelings in it
We are lost in the world of mechanism
Living by our own created chaos
I just wonder if we could ever find our true calling in life

©2005, nasra al adawi


I was hiding from love
I have been happy the way I am
Maybe some thought it’s lonely
I’m assuring its not
Some thought I’m all sad
Sadness is just a status of mind
I’m bigger than that
I admit I have been runing away from love
Did not want it to touch my heart
Love can be addictive
Once stricken it has no cure
It’s the toughest fight
How did you allow me to fall for you
To be vulnerable in your hands
I stood strong against all the mighty winds
Then came love, I fell like paper cards
That had no base at all
I thought I had good base standing on
The long years of teaching evaporated in glimpse of the eye
Melting in love and desire
Discipline couldn't rule in the game of love
It blinded me to all my senses
I’m taken down
Standing defenseless against the game of love

Saturday, January 15, 2005


As I open my eyes
On the sight of earthly life
I feel all blessed
©Nasra Al Adawi, 2005

Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Rose without a Scent

A Rose without a Scent

Where is the sky?
I used to gaze to it all the time
I miss the rays of the sun
That touches each petal of mine
Where are the moon and all the stars?
It used to be the companion in all the lonely nights
Spontaneously my soul will bloom
I will forever linger to receive the moonlight
Without knowing I spread my scent
To any corner that the wind may take
Then you came a long
I welcomed the destiny that had brought you to me
I wanted to glow at you first touch
I wanted to give all of me
Showing you that I’m a radiant rose
Seducing you to be so close to me
With a spell of my scent
All I wanted to be your eternal rose
I saw sadness in your eyes
I wanted to be the one who can lit up your heart
With nothing else but a fragrance of love
So powerless in the hands of passion
Chaining all the sounds of moral and dignity
Thence I offered my self to you
Never knew it was a life sacrifice
Cutting me out of my roots
Plucking the petals of who I am
Exhausting my soul
You thought you gave me your ultimate love
Inhaled the scent out of me
Somehow I paled away from life
Remaining a vague rose without a scent
Crusting into gloom
Never knew that I will doom with what I thought its love
You extracted the last breath of me
As you quenched from me your long years of thirst
I was not enough, still you remained unquenched

Ó2005, Nasra Al Adawi

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Im trying to write Haiku
Let me see if this is correct after all

Only Dew Drops
In its touch I aspire
Softly on my soul
©2005, nasra al adawi

Monday, January 10, 2005

Growing into a butterfly

Growing into a butterfly

I watched the sky from the distance

Butterflies are flying so free

Among the field of flowers and trees

On this forgotten corner

I stand so still

Sheltered in darkness surreal

My eyes are folded

Wonder if its part of the process of rising

Awaiting here for the forming of my wings

Yet the unknown I fear

Still nothing more I desire than to touch the wind

The feel of it on my newly wings

I could sense the emerge

I anticipate for it to happen at once

Growing into a butterfly

Will those who knew me before

Will they ever recognize me now?

A grown butterfly

Once it was just a dream to reach the sky

Now- am I an added color in any empty earthly skies?

©2005, Nasra Al Adawi

Enigma's sea

Enigma's sea

Transcript many mysteries

It strikes within me

My feet undeterred to the path of destiny

Sweeping me to any destination that was meant for me

©2005, nasra al adawi

Sunday, January 09, 2005

This winter

This winter

On this winter breeze

Taking my soul at ease

This cold air touches my agonies

My heartache for once flees

©2005, iamnasra

Me & Haiku

Okay Here is my try into writing Haiku..I hope I did this well

For years I longed

Dew Drops

Softly on my soul

copyright 2005, Nasra Al Adawi

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Always Forgotten

Always Forgotten

I was waiting to hear from you

Even to receive a tone of your voice

The day had passed, seems years since I heard from you

On this night fall, my soul doesn’t feel right

I'm eager to hear your news

On this earthly landscape

Just to know where you have reached

My heart races out of its usual beat

I miss you solely and you don’t seem to know

As I'm about to retire the night

Still there is no news of you

My heart skips at hearing the ring of the phone

I fall into dismay

Knowing that its not you on the line

My soul seems to decline

Have you forgot me-I'm questioning my mind

I find no excuse

I dig into what we call entertainment and muse

Still my heart is calling for you

I'm distorted without you by my side

In your usual bit

Always forgotten when you are all around with friends

While here I am sick worried about you

©2005, nasra al adawi

Friday, January 07, 2005

Living Dead

Living Dead

Yield this heart of mine
To the one, who seeds in me a smile
I’m over done with grief
I have rid many waves, to stand here and live
Many say that pain cease with time
I had enough of watching this pain
Making me insane
Now the choice is mine
Triggering off the grief inside
I never been brave but it’s worth the try
Many years I lived dead while I was alive
I left my soul to be addictive in cry
Now I have made my mind
Living dead while alive it was my crime
Rehabilitating my soul away from the grime
It takes time to know that smiling in the face of agony is bravely wise
Still it’s not late to put happiness in my life
I accept to be destined for the existence ride
©2005, nasra al adawi

There is more to you

There is more to you

You are the air that floats from heaven
I cling to it flawlessly
Sipping into you until my last breath of life
Yet there is more to you than the air that embraces me
You are the light that lights my darkest day and nights
I expose myself into it totally
Sipping into your warmth till the last breath of my life
Yet there is more to you than the rays of light that awakens me
You are the rain that irrigates my seed of love to become endless passion
I drink into you endlessly
Clinging to the core of life like my thirst of you has no end
Yet there is more to you than the nourishment of my thirsting soul
You are the world that God has created in to its best fashion
If without it I’m homeless
Clinging for existence, without you I’m a disposable creature rotten in space
Yet my soul tells me that you are more than that
You are the sin that I commit without guilt
Sinking into it with pure gladness
You are the nick of a moment that my thought has captured and kept
Clinging lifelessly into it, it feels like you’re a whisper from heaven
Yet my soul tells me that you are more than that
You are the reason why My life is fruitful you beautify the nature just like the sun set
I capture this scene to my last breath of life
Yet my soul tells me that you are more than that
As I approach death, it feels like you are my eternity heaven
©2004 iamnasra

(This poem written with Dark Project of the English Sabla)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Touch of Dew

The Touch of Dew

I long for the time you take my breath away

Beyond the moment and stillness of this time

The dew drips softly over my soul

You are the dew the touch the slightest part of me

Spiritual moment revolves on love

You are the center that runs within my soul

To define it clearly, you are the core to every beat of my heart

Somehow I'm still stuck explaining my longing for you

My love: I will end here signing that my yearn is plainly true

©2005, nasra al adawi

Obscure Thoughts

Obscure Thoughts

Evaluate my thoughts within your heart

Don’t shred each word to a single meaning

My words are beyond what is remarkably apparent

Though each word is voiced in a simplest way

It may be so obscure for many delicate souls

As it happens these words are meant only for you

Yet I never used the renowned three words "I love you"

In every word and line it clearly states my passion for you

©2005, nasra al adawi

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A Poem Writeen BY Xpress from English Sabla

When Mother Earth starts to shake

What went wrong with Mother Earth
After so many celebrated Jesus birth?
The Asian blue sea showed no danger
On this breezy morning of December

Children still collecting white shells
Fishermen enjoying the water smell
Seagulls never predicted any tremor
Coming from the Ocean’s structure

While Mother Earth started to shake
Not a soul felt the violent earthquake
The destructive waves had their aims
To quickly drown many Asian’s frames

Palm trees were falling like big matches
Thousands of houses turned into ashes
Horrific screams traveled deep to Hell
Sight of death everywhere could swell

Men, women and children buried alive
Crippled ghost towns alone did survive
Many believed such tragedy was unfair
Others rejected that God was still there

Death or destruction is all part of a test
This, in His Books, God already stressed
Only people with a faith can understand
That each event is under His Command

The years of earthquakes is a clear sign
That humanity has reached its deadline
The earth will burst, its mountains will fall
Each soul, there is no doubt, God will call

©2005 XP {03-01-05}

A Pleading Man

Okay I wrote this poem from a man's point ....Part of the English Sabla

A Pleading Man

Hey I'm sorry that I made your tear fall again

I wish I could sip it so deep taking away your pain

Yet I know once your heart has a mark, there always remains of stain

I wonder if the twinge inside you would ever drain

I stand over here wordless for all my wrong doing that I can not explain

I know I'm wrong, at that time desire overpowered me in plain

No matter how much forgiveness I plead, still you find me in dirt spill, I would never come back so clean

Have heart to forgive me, don’t you see without you I'm drowning in rain

©2004, iamnasra

Monday, January 03, 2005

It can not be always even

I may not be so sure of the direction that I have to take
I will try many ways
I will wet my feet
I will stumble on a muddy road
Thats the only way to reach
Roads can not always be so even...

nasra al adawi

Sunday, January 02, 2005

My Wishes to you for the new year

May the year be fruitful in it days
May the 12 months will contain so much happiness and less of sadness
May the person who is you, prosper to a better humankind
May the spiritual side of you brings you closer to God, allow your soul to climb that path
May this year bring all what you heart had desired and many many more

Happy New Year

© 2005, Nasra Al Adawi